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Intercultural Communications
October 25, 2009, 10:46 am
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Communications class is definitely coming to an end and sure enough i have indeed learnt a lot. Our project would be on Dostana, a Bollywood film. After i watched the movie, my impression of Bollywood film took a 360 degree change. It was a cultural shock for me. I can say i was superficial, i just merely threaded the surface with a mere impression that there were only gorgeous girls in the  Bollywood scene. Instead of a cheesy storyline i expected, it was infused with humorous quirks and much applauded acting. The movie was shot in Miami and everything was so modern and beautiful. In the show, you can see the difference in culture between India and The States still, where it is frowned upon for a male and female to cohabitant within the same apartment.

What about Singapore? In our society, we live in a multi-racial country where we have learnt to accept the culture of different races and also in turn mixed it together. Culture is also not overtly expressed and we have learnt to have mutual respect, such as we don’t serve pork to our Malay friends and in turn we speak English when we are in a group of different races combined. Because of these traditions over the years, we have learnt to embrace it and it has become a cultural norm . Cultural normseven have implications for the way individuals approach more abstract concepts like time or silence. We may not be conciously aware of their influence, we are generally quick to notice when culturally defined non verbal terms are violated.


Section 337
October 23, 2009, 3:52 pm
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There is an uprise in controversial issues about gay marriages in the recent years. The society has become more liberal and accepting towards gay marriages. In public, we have become more open and we would not stare with such disatastefullook when we see gays or lesbians around as it has become a social norm. Recently, an anglican church put up a banner to allow acceptance of homosexuality and as such, it created a much discussed topic as it seems to break the code of normality.


Before this, the topic was taboo and was whispered behind closed doors. And without the proper understanding we can see that it was not well understood. This was when i learnt communications could play apart in it. This week we leart about the different stages. Often as it is. It reaches the circumscribing stage and there is nor termination stage as marriage wasn’t legal. Could gay marriages be what is necessary to show that that gay marriages is not feasible as consequently it will play an active role in affecting the economic stability of a country due to the downward spiral of heterosexual marriages

October 10, 2009, 4:08 pm
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As you all know, Britney Spears has went through many drastic transitions in life. Yet, every album she produces never fails to get us hooked to her upbeat lively songs. Her recent release was the song “If You Seek Amy”. I was walking back with my friend and he went like, “Do you know what the title means?” I was like, there is a deeper meaning? And he said if we said it really quickly or listened to the song, It meant F-U-C-K Me.

The media has indeed changed her drastically, because to appeal to a larger crowd, she has become a sexual public figure and from once an innocent American sweetheart that was passionate about being in the Mickey Mouse Club, she has shaved her head, had a divorce and bringing up a child now. The papparazzi also hasn’t given her a break, could it be due to this pent up stress the media has shone that limelight on her that she went through major changes?

There are many young starlets now, Lindsay Lohan also has broken out of that innocent shell and Miley Cyrus posted her wild side of life openly, Is this th trend in time to come where aspiring artiste like Taylor Swift will mould according to what the media perceive as interesting?

Have communication become one way where we decide to do things in favor of the receiver point of view?





October 4, 2009, 6:30 am
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In a blink of an eye, October is finally here. In Western countries, it can be seen when orange crunchy leaves fall softly to the grass and soft winds blow past. In this humid country that we constantly find ourselves swearing under the hot sun, we can only realise time passed is when each memory become more distant from us.

With Christmas and New Year approaching dangerously near, i come to look back on 2008 and one of the strongest memory was the death of Jordon. He, was from my secondary school. We weren’t personally very close by despite that, his sudden death became a shock to many. 

“Jordon vomited out his lunch as well as a lot of blood, and eventually fainted before the paramedics arrived. 
He was sent to NUH A&E, where doctors found a blood clot in his brain, but were unable to operate immediately because of his low blood platelet count. 
After being in critical condition for almost 12 hours, a small operation was carried out to ease the blood pressure in his brain, which was mounting to a dangerous level. 
He has been in a coma ever since, and doctors have certified him brain dead as of 12th Febuary 2009. 

However, the masses of people who went to visit Jordan are still not giving up hope. They are still hoping and praying for Jordan, and they are constantly visiting him and folding paper cranes and stars at ward 21 in the hopes of him waking up.”


During that period of time, it felt very surreal. I was working when i received the call from a friend and later that night we went down to the hospital to visit him. Seeing his thin gaunt body hooked up to many tubes was something beyond comprehension. How is it that someone that is so young and robust could suddenly, get into such a tragic accident.

2 years have passed then since we have all graduated from our secondary school. But during the time spent in the hospital, i saw many people that i would never thought of seeing again. And how everyone could just drop what they were doing in life and sat vigil at the ICU waiting room folding cranes and hooking it up by his head and all th forlorn whispers through the night.

On the morning of 4am that he passed on, text messages came in and all of us had trouble registering the shock. I was at the cremation and i could still remember vividly. The air was thick with sadness and death is indeed morbid, a harsh reality to face.

Somehow, i hate it how someone fights for their life, the additional seconds to live, with that small glimmer of hope. The whole process is tormenting and death never fails to leave this dull ache in me. Numbing their entire souls and selves forgetting about the pain and with their helpless lifeless bodies covered in tired skin just battling for another beating of the heart, another breath. I hate it. I’ved just sat there helpless, dumbfounded and trying to figure out what I could do to ease their pain, but in the end, death still catches up with you.I just wish anything or anyone that’s putting everything behind them and doing all they can to keep alive just surrender their souls . Take a final beat, a final breath, take in the love and then sleep forever. Dying is pain, but death is painless.

September 27, 2009, 9:51 am
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It’s time to introduce to you my all time favourite season show. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. For those who have yet to watch a single episode, you should seriously be shot. I have watched all the 10 seasons over and over again and it has never failed to put a smile on my face.

It’s the energy that they give off and their on screen chemistry. It’s their ability to potray just how awesome it is to have six close friends and spending their daily lives together and just a simple season sow showing all the knacks that ordinary people get into makes you realise that your life can just be as colourful as theirs!

Just what makes this season show so colourful despite being put in an ordinary setting where the film spots are either the coffe house or the home. After Coms lesson the other day, i realised the non-verbal cues are indeed an intricate part in our lives. The reason why they are so popular is they are able to read off another character’s expression. I put in one of a my favourite clip from FRIENDS where they were trying to get Emma to crawl. Through non-verbal cues. You can see Rachel being all excited about it and it makes you intrigue to continue watching on. Chandler does his usual sarcastic quotations towards Joey and about Emma’s crawling. And finally when all are standing still, Phoebe came in and read off their actions as standing still, and in the usual eccentric way that she is, picked up a pot and followed them standing still, “Whose painting us?” This shows, attribution where she explains their behavior and follow it. And just why do people love friends? It is their novelty and their intensity of the humour!

September 21, 2009, 8:07 am
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This is insane. I felt compelled by the need to post this up. Last week, my entry was more on something solemn and on a macro level. This week, i shall do something on a smaller scale, something that is within our control. This shows the apparent addiction to computer games in society today. Maybe you might get defensive- generalization you say? I think now, with technology so easily accessible and internet comes in cheap and free, we find ourselves hook onto it for hours at a time, not realising so often, we neglect other stuff. I admit that i can stay up in my room up till 4 hours using the internet and my parents and sister would be in the living room outside catching a movie together. Have we sacrificed and minimized what was important to us?

I got this video of Facebook. Immedietly i started laughing at his meltdown, i had to admit it was hilarious that one freaks out. I couldn’t stop laughing at his misfortune and shared this video with two of my close guy friends who gamed as a past time. I just found gaming such a horrible addiction that it can cause such behavior. I know that i am not a gamer, i never found such interest in it, and my ex boyfriend would spend hours on it, often causing small disputes which was something i could not understand. Thus, i was rather repulsed by the idea.

There was one night however, i was over at his house and he introduced me to the computer game, Left 4 Dead. I was pretty hesitant about it, but he was patient enough to go through it with me and teach me and when i saw his eyes glimmer with excitement and for once that murky black eyes become all focused. Somehow, all we need is to allow that person that at least we  tried to share what they love.

Apart from the video, i believe is all about understanding. Even in a social context, we come from different backgrounds and cultures and only through understanding our difference are we likely to accept it. I have a close girl friend that is an amazing DOTA gamer, and yet she is always there for me. The game was indeed fun, and i enjoyed it, and it changed my perspective in a good way. But this video also allowed me to see that we must also understand our priorities, where we must value what comes first. Gaming can be a passion to some, hence the meltdown due to the lack of understanding from his mother. In my last communication class, we discussed language, interpretation and non-verbal communication.In this video and my personal experience, it is whether we allow ourselves to interpret the situation differently, to see in the eyes of the other, and well, when a guy is having such a meltdown (non-verbal communication), just stay away!


Have a good week ahead!

September 1, 2009, 3:37 pm
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“Hate is easy, love takes courage.”

How often do we use the word “hate”. How easy it comes spewing out of our mouth like a chain of pearls falling from it’s intangible string. Hardly, anyone terms it as “displeasure” or “positive thoughts challenged” In the society today, we close ourselves up and doubt the intentions of many as everyone comes with their own goals, own passions and along the way, we get smitten by people who come into our way. Where have the simple joys of life that we once shared when we were childhood kids be found within us? Where we can embrace it?


Your wrist lies neatly along the contours of my hand while i lay my head against your beating chest inhaling the smell of alfalfa hay. There is nothing except our slow rhythmic breathing that is kept in sync. We no longer speak and loud thoughts are the only sound that pierces through the silence. Let go. Stop fighting. Let love replace all the hate. So breathe in deep, and take in the final breath, let the soft wind blow the soft tresses of your hair into my face and tonight shall be our last. There is only so much we can do, so why do i feel i’m running out of time? You and me, it’s time to save this world from all the hate.

This video is about the war in Iraq and i feel it is due to the lack of positive communications that war breaks out and hate is being brought out the worst among us. Often, we find ourselves caught within this conflict yet being helpless about it. However, every small action counts. War is indeed a terrible thing. Children are orphans in a split second and innocent homeless people watch helplessly as their house gets bomb.Psychological perspective we cant see it’s foundation of war is due to conflict of culture


Neither be cynical about love;
For in the face of all reality and disenchantment
It is perennial as the grass.

We learnt perception in class today and i found it rather enriching that how we human behaves according to society standards. We regard actions that is socially acceptable and often we find ourselves sitting on the fence between doing something against our own beliefs. We judged ourselves on how other views us and often this causes a breech between our inner emotions and stirs turmoil. Is that the foundation of hate? Where is you at people in disgust as it is no in relation according to our own mindsets. And exactly, how far will we go to push what we believe in onto others?